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Mt Insertions

To Tnt1 reverse screening requesters

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University, funded in part by a research grant from the National Science Foundation, has generated a significant number of Medicago truncatula Tnt1 mutant lines. Genomic DNA from these lines were extracted and pooled. A PCR-based reverse screening approach has been tested. The screening service is now available to the scientific community on collaboration basis.

To help recover partial cost on consumables, we will charge $450 USD for screening each gene that is shorter than 4 kb in sequence. If a gene sequence is longer than 4 kb, we will consider it as two (or more) genes because we have to design two (or more) sets of primers for screening.

To start our request, Registration is required to complete the ordering procedure. You MUST sign in before place mutant reverse screening orders.

Once your request form is received, we will send you an invoice for payment. Please note that for international requesters, for each request, there will be a charge of $67 for applying for the phytosanitary certificate from USDA and a charge of $20 for a wire fee from the bank. As soon as we receive payment, we will design primers and screen the DNA pools. It normally takes about 3-4 weeks to finish the screening.

If insertion line(s) is identified, we will send you a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) to be signed by your institution. As soon as we receive an executed MTA, we will send you 10-12 R0 or 15-20 R1 seeds for each line.

R0 seeds are seeds of regenerated plants after self pollination (heterozygous for all inserts). R1 seeds are bulked seeds from multiple R1 plants (generated after self pollination of plants germinated from R0 seeds). Both R0 and R1 seeds will generate segregating progeny.

Please note that seeds are available for most but not all Tnt1 lines. Some lines did not produce seeds or seeds are not available in sufficient quantity to enable distribution at this time. In the latter case, seeds will be amplified before filling orders, which will take several months.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jiangqi Wen by email (jiangqi.wen@okstate.edu) or phone (+1-405-744-5398).